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    Web Design & Website Development, Brand Identity, Graphic Design & Printed Materials, Commercial Photography

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Addison Wan Design Co.

Web Design, Responsive Web Design, CMS, Brand Identity

About Addison Wan Design Co.

Addison Wan Design Co. is Web Design Company located in Hong Kong

Founded and registered at Hong Kong in 2013 by Hong Kong Designer » Addison Wan and Jeremy Wan, specializing in the power of visual and animation communications from Web Design & Website Development, Brand Identity, Graphic Design & Printed Materials and Commercial Photography.

We offer one-stop website and design consultancy services. Starting from the root of the server to optimize and enhance the deployment, through various types of creative thinking to design, the use of the world’s universal programming languages and mainstream popular websites and Online Shop eCommerce CMS backend systems for user-friendly interface management and provide comprehensive search engine optimization and SSL secure encryption certificate installation and configuration services.

Our design services are provided a wide range of professional design consultant in Web Design, Website development and maintenance, Responsive Web Design, Mobile and Tablet websites, WordPress CMS backend system, WordPress CMS with eCommerce backend system, Joomla CMS backend system, Joomla CMS with eCommerce Business version backend system, OpenCart eCommerce backend system, Web UI design, Web UX design, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), User-friendly Content Management System(CMS) and Tailor-made Online Shop eCommerce Web Design etc.

We not only pay great importance to the creative process and quality of each design project. We will pass on our works through different types of design orientation and creative thinking. For each client, give the biggest and most satisfying surprise.

Responsive Web Design (Mobile and Tablet Websites)

Web Design & Website Development

Art & Web Animation Direction, Web Design, Website Development, Responsive Web Design (Mobile and Tablet Websites), Content Management System (CMS), Online Shop Website (eCommerce), WordPress and Joomla CMS backend systems etc.

Brand Identity Design

Art Direction, Visual Logo Design, Naming Consultation, Brand Identity Design, Brand Super Graphic Design, Stationery, Brand Aid Design, Brand Guideline, Colour Scheme, Mood Board, Brand Planning and Digital Strategy, Brand Consultant Services etc.

Graphic Design & Printed Materials

Art Direction, Event Design, Event Backdrop Design, Visual Poster Design, Print Ads, Leaflet (Flyer), Brochures, Packaging, Coupon Design, Flyer, Annual Report Design, Book Cover and Book Content Layout Design, Wedding Invitations etc.

Commercial Photography

Art Direction, Commercial Photography, Product Photography, Jewellery Photography, Newborn Baby Photography, Wedding Photography, Artistic Pre-Wedding, Pre-Wedding, Wedding Big Day, Wedding Video Services, Make Up Services etc.

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