Approval of Graphic or Web Layout Design

When you are accepted this quotation and paid the 50% deposit of this design quotation. We will confirm this design project and will start to collect client’s information. After that, we will submit to you our draft Graphic or Web Layout Design for your approval within 14 working days.

Draft Revisions

  1. You may request us to cause major revisions to our first draft for not more than six(6) times and we shall take all possible steps to accommodate your request by submitting to you the revised versions within 3 working days after your request.
  2. More than six(6) times major revisions, we will be subjected an additional fee HK $800 per time.
  3. Any new / additional draft design(s), design item(s) and / or design service(s) do not mentioned and included in this quotation, we will be subject an additional fee and the client’s must be paid the half (50%) deposit additional fee in advance.

Terms of Payment

  1. A deposit of 50% of this Contract amount must be paid after the client’s accepts this design quotation.
  2. The remaining 50% of the Contract amount must be paid after the client’s agrees and accepts the final design.
  3. All payments that have been credited to our company bank account will not be refunded/non-refundable.

Actual Working Days

The estimated working days for this design project are not the actual working days. The number of actual working days must be based on mutual email records between your company and us and the process and progress of the client’s handling of this project.

Limitation of liability

Without significant negligence and carelessness, we will try our best to cooperate with client’s publicity time and maintain our service quality. We will give client’s sufficient time for UAT testing and proofreading before all websites are launched and/or printed materials are delivered for printing. Therefore, Addison Wan Design Company shall not bear any responsibility or legal responsibility for any delay, omission, publication, or any error and/or negligence in the design of text(s), photo(s), image(s), video(s), design(s), web source code files and/or website production.

The Files/Documents provided from the client’s and used on this design project (Copyright Issues)

The client’s must own the copyright and/or the right to use the files/documents. Applicable to any text(s), photo(s), image(s), video(s), design(s), web source code files and other files/documents prepared for the client’s and approved by the client’s in the form of oral, written and/or email before release. Otherwise, the client’s must compensate us for any civil, tort law, contract law or other copyright losses and liabilities caused by unauthorized use of any third party’s files/documents, such as persons, companies, organizations, institutions, etc.

Validity of this Contract

The prices and terms and conditions in this Contract are valid for three(3) months from the Issue Date.

Remaining 50% of the Contract amount

After the client’s agrees and accepts the final design, the remaining 50% (final) of the Contract amount must be paid within 14 days.

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